Last changed: 02 May 2022

SLU gives employees, researchers and students the opportunity to blog in SLU’s name. The university uses the blog tool Wordpress.

A blog is primarily a forum for ideas, thoughts and tips to be exchanged via posted comments and blog entries. Successful bloggers often have a clear idea and a target audience, for which they write.

If you are thinking of starting your own blog, please take the time to read these blog posts from experienced blogger and researcher Åsa M Larsson: Introduction to research blogging.

Responsible blogging

Are you interested in starting a blog in SLU's name? Please contact the Division of Communication for more information. There are some rules and other things to consider.

The quote below from the previous Head of University Administration, Ulf Heyman’s very first blog entry ”Who speaks for SLU?”, is about the importance of expressing yourself in the right name:

“We must all learn to distinguish between expressing ourselves as a person and as SLU, many are careless in this regard. A referral which is sent to a person, group or department can of course be responded by a person, group or department, but they can not speak for the university. It matters in what name a referral or opinion piece is signed.”
This may also be true when you run an SLU blog or comment other people’s blogs, or when you act via Facebook or Twitter.

Examples of blogs at

Forest Biometrics

About the blog tool

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