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Last changed: 04 January 2022

It is important that job vacancies at SLU are advertised using a consistent look.

As we typically advertise several positions at any one time, there are different colours and illustrations to choose from. It gives a stronger and clearer impression, which is useful for both SLU and the applicant.
In the template, select the page template with the illustration you want. Then select the background – white or a colour section in SLU colours – by switching the background layer on or off.

Templates for printing are available for both newspapers and recruitment companies, in different formats. They can also be adapted to different column widths. Read more about job ads for print:

Templates for online job ads:

Download the template from the SLU media bank.


Advertising vacant posts

The Division of Human Resources takes care of the procedure and will help you with advertising. See the general description on how to plan and think when recruiting and advertising technical/administrative staff:
Rekryteringsprocess teknisk/administrativ personal (Swedish only)


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