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Brand guidelines

At SLU, we are far from alone in the arena we operate in. Many other universities compete with us for funding, clients, students and employees. In a world where many actors are vying for attention, we have to profile ourselves, create a distinctiveness and clear arguments for choosing us instead of someone else.

To establish credibility, we must be clear, stand out as a single sender and build up relationships with our target groups. Our brand is a way of embracing all of SLU under a shared, and therefore powerful, image.

Visual identity

Our visual communication – using images, colours and layout – is also always based on our brand. The parts of our visual identity offer many opportunities for creative combinations and adaptations, while maintaining a uniform visual identity and creating recognition.


Frame story, brand values and tips on formulations

When we speak, write and appear in public, the brand is always the starting point; it is expressed in our language and tone.

Our communication should be characterised by diversity and understanding of different ways of being, thinking and acting. It should feel surprising – that we offer something unexpected, a new perspective or an unusual approach. We must also radiate trustworthiness and genuineness.

Communicating SLU

Whether we are presenting SLU as a whole, a specific organisational unit, or creating a promotion, all parts must create a strong whole together. This enhances our collective capacity and makes it clearer to the world what we stand for.

Published: 11 April 2022 - Page editor: varumarke@slu.se