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Brand manual

Open up the Brand manual link in the header to the web pages with the most important guidelines and templates. Or download the complete manual here in pdf. (In Swedish as yet.)

Picture of the SLU brand manual

Vision, brand values etc

SLU’s brand is the thoughts, feelings and associations created in the minds of those who hear about or come into contact with us. We have great potential to influence people’s perception of SLU by creating a common understanding of what we want to be and how we will interact with others.

Brand architecture

SLU´s brand architecture things like how we name our organisations and when SLU’s name and logo are to be used.

Umbrella with SLU's colours. Illustration.

Visual identity

Our visual communication – using images, colours and layout – is also always based on our brand. The parts of our visual identity offer many opportunities for creative combinations and adaptations, while maintaining a uniform visual identity and creating recognition.

Ikon som visar en hiss.

Frame story, brand values and tips on formulations

When we speak, write and appear in public, the brand is always the starting point; it is expressed in our language and tone.

Our communication should be characterised by diversity and understanding of different ways of being, thinking and acting. It should feel surprising – that we offer something unexpected, a new perspective or an unusual approach. We must also radiate trustworthiness and genuineness.

Communicating SLU

Whether we are presenting SLU as a whole, a specific organisational unit, or creating a promotion, all parts must create a strong whole together. This enhances our collective capacity and makes it clearer to the world what we stand for.

Published: 07 August 2023 - Page editor: varumarke@slu.se