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Communicating SLU

Whether we are presenting SLU as a whole, a specific organisational unit, or creating a promotion, all parts must create a strong whole together. This enhances our collective capacity and makes it clearer to the world what we stand for.

The sender must always be clear and the message should be based on our main messages. Communication must always be adapted to the target group and context.

Adapted communication

Adapt images and messages to ensure that your target group understands, feels and does what you want. Here you can see how we communicate on an overall level and on an organisation level as well as when we create a promotion. 

Cover of SLU's communikation guidelines for student recruitment.

Target group-adapted manual

With SLU's brand manual as your guide, you can tailor manuals to a specific target group. This is a practical tool in your daily work, with a more targeted message and choice of images.

Here you can see some examples. 

Legal requirements and guidelines

Communication is subject to many regulations and legal requirements. As a public authority, it goes without saying that we must follow them all. There are laws regulating things like what images we can use, how we process personal data and the language used in the public sector. To facilitate this, we have listed all the laws that affect our fields of activity.

Some tips

Published: 11 April 2022 - Page editor: varumarke@slu.se