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Last changed: 18 September 2019

Keeping up with all of the interesting activities throughout SLU is impossible. At the Division of Communication we would love to receive your images of SLU activities, close-ups of plants and other subjects, microscope photographs – in short any images that help to bring alive and illustrate university activities.

It is something of a win-win situation; a well-filled Media bank makes it easier to illustrate SLU's activities, while also raising the profile of university research.

Requirements for contributed pictures

  • The images must be accompanied by a descriptive text or caption, some key words, together with the name and contact details of the photographer. Read how you add information to an image under "How to add descriptive texts to your pictures" below.
  • The picture needs to be high-resolution (at least 3000 pixels wide) and in the file format JPEG.
  • You have to be the copyright owner of the picture. By uploading the picture in the Media bank you allow it to be used editorially by SLU employees, media and other external visitors.
  • Keep your own copies of uploaded images. Although the material is placed on SLU's servers with adequate back-up, the Division of Communication takes no responsibility for images placed in the Media bank. Files may be lost in the event of a server crash, therefore do not rely on the Media Bank as the only archive for your pictures.

The photo editor will look at all uploaded images to make sure that they fulfill the requirements. If needed the photo editor will contact you for more information on the images.

How to add descriptive texts to your pictures

If you have the program Adobe Bridge installed on your computer:

  • Open the image file in Adobe Bridge.
  • In the top menu, select "Grundläggande (Basic)" and the tab "Metadata".
  • Fill in the description, keywords and the photographer's name and contact details on the appropriate line under IPTC Core.

If you use a PC (and do not have Adobe Bridge):

  • Double click on the image file to open it in Windows Photo Viewer ("Windows fotovisare").
  • Select "Arkiv (File)" in the top menu, scroll down and select "Egenskaper (Properties)". 
  • A small box will appear. Select "Information" in the top menu of the box.
  • On the line "Titel (Title)" you write a description of what the picture depicts.
  • On the line "Taggar (Tags)", enter some keyword to the picture.
  • On the line "Författare (Author)" you fill in the photographer's name and contact details (e-mail and phone number).
  • End by clicking on "OK".

How to upload your pictures

Please note that uploaded pictures to the Media bank and photo contest must be provided with metadata, i.e. a description of what the picture depicts, keywords, and above all the photographer's name and contact details!

Please read how to go about in the section "Requirements" and "How to add descriptive texts to your pictures" above, before uploading your images.

Name your files in this manner:

Your name_1.jpg
Your name_2.jpg
(for example "Jenny_Svennas-Gillner_1.jpg")

Naming the files like this is a precautionary measure, to ensure that we have someone to contact if there is a need for more information about your files. Your files will be renamed, before added to the public area.

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