Logo on white block and with brand promise

Last changed: 20 February 2024

SLU’s logo comes in several versions and can be used in different ways.

Logo on white block

If the background is multicoloured, the logo can be printed on a white block. This improves visibility. In some cases, the block can also be used on a white background if this improves the layout.

Place the block in the upper left corner. The block should bleed to the upper edge and align with the left margin of the body text.

Download files here: 


Logo with brand promise

Sometimes it is more important to explain what kind of university we are and want to be. In such cases, we add our brand promise, "Science and education for sustainable life", which comes in two versions: one with smaller print under the logo on a white block, and one as a word image with the logo.

SLU’s logo in colour with the brand promise on a white plate and also a black SLU logo above the promise as a word image.

The word image creates visual recognition and must not be changed or distorted in any way.

Download SLU's brand promise on a tag


The brand promise on two lines under the logotype and on a white tag is always placed at the top and to the left, slightly in from the left. 

Download a file here:

Download SLU's brand promise as a word image

Download the logotype with the brandpromise as a word image


If you want to use the logotype in colour please use this version where it is placed on a white tag. The image should be placed centred at the top and bleed to the upper edge. 



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Division of Communication