Our logo in collaborations and together with others

Last changed: 08 January 2024

Logo combined with others:


When SLU is the sender along with other organisations, agencies or businesses, use the basic design logo for Swedish contexts.


In international contexts, we use the logo with the name in English. With or without partners or allies.


Logo in collaboration with others:

Sometimes SLU is one of several partners. It might be a network, project or infrastructure run jointly with other higher education institutions or organisations. In these cases, SLU is not the sole sender, but one of several. In such cases:

  • If SLU is the organiser, it should be made clear that SLU is the sender and our visual identity should be used. Other partners’ logos are included, but in a secondary position.

  • If SLU is one of two or more equal partners, the SLU logo should be exposed on a par with the other partners’ logos. If there are many partners, it is better to only write their names instead of using the logos.

  • If SLU is a minority partner in a collaboration, the organiser’s visual identity is used, but it should be made clear that SLU is a part of the collaboration.

The picture shows how to use the logo when collaborating with other organizations.

From the left: SLU is the organiser | SLU is one of two | SLU is a minority partner

In large collaboration projects with equal partners, a new, joint brand is sometimes required. One example is Academic Conferences, which is jointly run by SLU, Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University.



  • If the partners’ logos have many different colours, it is a good idea to use the black and white version of all of them.
  • If there are several logos, it is better to simply write the partners’ names.


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Division of Communication