Logo with organisation names

Last changed: 08 November 2021

Sometimes it is important to highlight a certain organisational unit at SLU, for example a platform, collaborative centre or similar. In these cases, use ready-made logos with the name inserted.

There are two versions of the logo with the organisational unit’s name: portrait format, with the name placed underneath, or landscape format with the name to the right.

If the background is multicoloured, use the logo on a white block.

The length of the name determines the layout. The Division of Communication produces the necessary logos.

  • Ready-made logos can be downloaded from the Swedish version of this webpage.

The logo package contains English versions of the logo as well.


Image of logotype with outwritten name in SLU:s Word template.

Logo for documents

The logo, with the university name printed in two languages, allows you to add a specific sender in the organisation under the line. It is used in more formal documents, such as internal governing documents, certificates and letters.

Our Word templates have this logo in the page header, with space to add a specific sender.


The Brand Management and Communication Platforms Unit 
Division of Communication