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Department of Aquatic Resources

The research of the Department of Aquatic Resources focuses on fish and shellfish in the seas, lakes and rivers. We monitor the aquatic environment, developing the methods and know-how for sustainable use of aquatic resources.

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Visit from Ukraine

Recently, environmental scientist Viktor Karamushka and five other researchers from National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, visited SLU in Uppsala to discuss environmental damage assessment and

Var har alla stora och gamla fiskar tagit vägen?

Meet Christopher Griffiths who has recently been granted 3 million SEK in research grants to solve the riddle that engages researchers all over the world. When Formas (the Swedish Research Council

More marine research from the Svea with support from the Swedish Research Council and the EU

Now it will be easier for more people to utilize R/V Svea and other research vessels. A Swedish network, which includes six research ships, receives funding from the Swedish Research Council so that


Meet Agnes Olin and Edmond Sacre who have recently visited Mombasa in Kenya. The visit was part of the WIO Symphony project – a web-based tool that assists in analyzing the cumulative environmental

Equality, discrimination, and equal opportunities + Anna Lorenz = true

We welcome Anna Lorenz as the new equal opportunity coordinator (EOC) at SLU Aqua. How does it feel to take on the role as the new EOC coordinator? It feels both important and exciting to have the

New method can help the cod

SLU, in collaboration with Havets Hus in Lysekil, has intrumented 50 cod, which have grown up in a protected environment with acoustic transmitters. The cod come from the sea aquarium Havets Hus,

Employee Surveys SLU Aqua

It's survey time! We're now launching two employee surveys that both focus on SLU Aqua's establishment at Ultuna in Uppsala. It has now been more than 1.5 years since parts of our organisation at SLU

Disputation Isa Wallin Kihlbergs

On Thursday, November 9, Isa Wallin Kihlberg successfully defended her doctoral thesis on perhaps the most talked-about newcomer in the Baltic Sea; the round goby. Using dietary analyses (both visual

Nuclear bombs help to determine age for Baltic herring and sprat

Read an interesting article from BalticWaters where Francesca Vitale (researcher at the Institute of Marine Research), is interviewed alongside our guest researcher Allen Hia Andrews. The article

Event with guest professors

Three exciting lectures attracted a packed room when VH's guest lecturer gave short speeches to an engaged audience. Three visiting professors at VH were invited to speak in an event led by vice-dean

Nailing thesis - Isa Wallin Kihlberg

Round goby in focus as Isa Wallin Kihlberg nailed her thesis on Thursday morning (19/10). The thesis "Causes and consequences of the round goby invasion in the Baltic Sea and beyond" was nailed to a

Diss Isa Wallin Kihlberg

Causes and consequences of the round goby invasion in the Baltic Sea and beyond charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Isa Wallin Kihlberg defends her thesis "Causes and consequences of the round goby