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Ecology is the scientific analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment.

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Trophic interactions network

Within the larger research environment in the Ecology Centre, research on trophic interactions forms a specific area of expertise, interest and competence. This theme cuts across a large number of

Landscape Ecology network

Landscape effects! All local biological processes are affected by its surroundings. Most ecologist therefore acknowledge that the dynamics of local populations and communities needs to be viewed in a

Systems Ecology

We study interactions between the living and the non-living in ecosystems and how humans affect them. An ecosystem may be a handful of soil, a park, a landscape or the entire biosphere. It is rather

Vetenskapliga publikationer

Vetenskapliga publikationer

Scientific publications from the Department of Ecology

Food web ecology

Bommarco lab studies both theoretical and empirical food-webs to investigate ecosystem function and underlying processes of multi-trophic communities. Exploring the mechanics of ecosystem functioning

Nature conservation

Bommarco lab studies nature conservation of both rare and common biodiversity in the agricultural landscape and are interested in Urban Ecology. Restoration of Plant and Pollinator Communities in

Ecosystem services in agriculture

Bommarco lab studies biological control, pollination and multifunctionality. Find projects: Biological control Pollination Multifunctionality Biological control Crop pests cause enormous crop losses

Plant Ecology & Weed Biology

Plant Ecology & Weed Biology

Plant Ecology & Weed Biology The Plant Ecology group deals with the functional interactions among plants and between plants and the environment. In our research we investigate the general processes

Conservation biology

Conservation biology is an applied research discipline that provides ecological knowledge that can help to solve problems related to nature conservation, and especially the maintenance of

Agricultural entomology

Agricultural entomology is a multidisciplinary area of research with collaborationwith other units both within and outside of the department. Simply described agricultural entomology is applied

Landscape ecology

Landscape ecology is the study of ecology with a landscape perspective. No biological system is an isolated island. Local populations, communities and ecosystems always interact to some extent with

Plant interaction in cropping systems

Plants do not see, hear, smell or test, but they communicate with each other in different ways including chemical signalling between different plants pairs. The aim of our research is to develop