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Ecology is the scientific analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment.

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Matej Domevscik

matej.domevscik@slu.se Adaptation of forest regeneration to the changed climate of the future forms the core of my work. Drought damage to seedlings, pine weevils, site adaptation and different

New European project: Naturescapes

Professor Kes McCormick and the Department of People and Society are part of a new project on nature-based solutions and transformative change that adopts a landscape perspective. Nature-based

Nora Sophie Pohl

nora.sophie.pohl@slu.se I am currently in my third year of my PhD at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre in Alnarp, SLU. My main topic involves the recruitment of oak trees into the canopy

Diss Elsa Lagerquist

Leguminous service crops in cereal production at high latitudes Provision of ecosystem services and disservices from a novel intercropping system charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Elsa Lagerquist

Albin Larsson Ekström

albin.larsson.ekstrom@slu.se Doctoral student in restoration ecology. Investigating responses of deadwood-associated species to restoration measures in pine and deciduous forests. My research

New research on the forests unknown nitrogen fixers

SLU research project gets funding to fill knowledge gap about one of the boreal forest's most crucial nutrients. Forests rely on nitrogen for growth. However, in the cold, boreal forests, the

Diss Janina Heinen

Multi-level trophic interactions in diversified cropping systems Functioning and dynamics among above- and belowground arthropods charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Janina Heinen defends her thesis "

Topi Haataja

topi.haataja@slu.se A postdoc working on structural studies of odorant receptors from mosquitoes. My current research project focuses on structure determination of a variety of odorant receptors

Cassandra Vogel

cassandra.vogel@slu.se I'm a postdoc researching the resilience of biological pest control to climate change. To do this, I explore the climatic niches of natural enemy communities and how these

Leonie Schönbeck

leonie.schonbeck@slu.se My research focuses on plant and ecosystem responses to climate change related disturbances such as drought and warming. I combine small-scale physiological measurements of

New docent discovers hidden treasures in green roofs

Ishi Buffam is one of the five new associate professors at SLU’s LTV faculty. His research topic is ecosystem ecology and has for the last decade focused on the ecosystems in green roofs. Who are you

Eva-Lotta Blom

eva.lotta.blom@slu.se My research focuses on underwater noise and how this affects animals that live below the surface. I also try to come up with innovative solutions to protect animals from noise