Camilla Widmark

Camilla Widmark


Camilla Widmark (Associate Professor), is mainly doing research and teaching as well as administrative tasks at the Department of Forest Economics (Head of department).

From Januari 1st, 2017, Camilla is head of office for Forest Bioeconomy Network, a research network affiliated to European Forest Institute. 


In teaching, Camilla is involved in both undergraduate and graduate education, as well as supervising both bachelor, master, and PhD students. 

Camilla is mainly doing teaching in forest policy, economics, and in business administration. 


In research the focus is mainly on land use policy, land use conflicts, especially focusing on common pool resources, governance issues, ecosystem services and forest policy, especially evaluation of forest policy. Currently Camilla is involved in three main research projects:

1. Coordintor of a FP 7 ERA-NET SUMFOREST financed project POLYFORES (Decision-making Support for Forest Ecosystem Services in Europe) is starting December 2016. The project is interdisciplinary combining ecologic, economic and governance theories to study forest-based ecosystem services. The project is ending during 2021. 

2. A MISTRA funded project - Mistra Digital Forest - that started February 2019. The project is studying how digitalisation in forestry can help develop bioeconomy development, combining forest data analysis, forest logistics and forest value-chain. The first phase of the project is ending December 2022. 

3. ONEforest - an EU Horizon 2020 (LC-RUR-11-2019-2020) project that was approved in December 2020, and starts June 2021. The project is targeting the rapid chaning climatic conditions (drought, rein, storms, pests and forest fires), addressing these by studying future silviculture management concepts, forest operations and wood supply, all stakeholders along the Forest Wood Value Chain to form a common idea of future forest management, while none of them can increase its benefit without harming another one. Camilla is leading one workpackage. The project ends by June 2024. 


Camilla has during 2016 and 2017 been appointed to the High Level Expert Panel on Food Security and Nutrition dealing with Sustainable forestry for food security and nutrition.


PhD in Economics, especially Natural Resource Economics, 2009. 

Appointed Associate professor in economics June 2020. 


PhD candidate Mattia Ratti Luigi, 2017, co-supervisor.

PhD candidate Guo, defence 2018, co-supervisor.

PhD candidate Brian Danley, defence 2018, co-supervisor (acting main supervisor)

Master student Mikael Palm, master thesis, 2013, main supervisor.

Master student Fideli Ottosson, master thesis, 2014, main supervisor.

Master student Miguel Riviere, master thesis, 2015, main supervisor

Master student Linn Jakobsson, master thesis, 2015, main supervisor

Master student Per Wictorine, master thesis, 2017, main supervisor

Master student Julia Magnusson, master thesis 2020, main supervisor


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