Från SLU Landskapsdagar i Ultuna 24-25 april, 2019

Publicerad: 17 maj 2019

SLU Landskapsdagar i Ultuna 24-25 april, 2019 lockade nästan 70 deltagare från Alnarp och Ultuna. Totalt hölls 12 olika workshops.

Tim Waterman höll en keynote föreläsning i ämnet: Introducing Hope: Utopianism as a Design Tool in Landscape Architecture

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Tim Waterman held a keynote lecture on the topic: Introducing Hope: Utopianism as a Design Tool in Landscape Architecture. Tim is Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture History and Theory at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.
ECLAS 2020 – “Stop and think!”- Landscape architecture in a time of uncertainty. - SLU Landscape members were invited to a “Stop and think” workshop, about what a conference could and should be. Conference ideas and experiences was shared and discussed in this workshop pertinent to the ECLAS conference in Uppsala in 2020.
Well-being and landscape – beyond nature! – This session was based on a number of short ‘in the landscape’ workshops where participants questioned what ‘well-being and landscape’ could mean beyond the traditional ideal of ‘go green feel better’. Through the workshop participants started to reveal the complexity of landscape and wellbeing. The discussions lifted the role of landscape as a provider of well-being, but also a potential source of stress; how we communicate well-being through expressing experiences and feelings related to place (attachment and identity); how well-being is indirectly influenced by all senses as well as our emotional experiences; and how well-being builds on individuals feeling at home, have a sense of ownership and being comfortable in a place.
How the polarization in society is reflected in the classroom. This Teachers Forum – Talking about teaching Workshop discussed the role of the teacher. The discussions included norms and ethics, cultural heritage and identity related to place, anti-intellectual tendencies and the importance of critical thinking.
PhD Forum Workshop! - Building community for young Landscape researchers: planning for a strong PhD experience. The aim of the session was to share experiences among PhD students as well as to receive inputs for developing a stronger community for young Landscape researchers. Workshop participants gained a broader understanding of their own situation in relation to other students PhD experiences.
Landscapes for a Healthy Urban Childhood - This workshop offered an opportunity to reflect on what SLU Landscape can do to promote capacity building for a healthier urban childhood. What are the obstacles that obstruct the creation of child friendly physical environmental improvements? What institutional structures or policies are working against a child-friendly city? What do SLU know about structures and policies that are operating well to create a child-friendly city? What must be changed, and in what way can SLU Landscape be a partner in capacity building in Sweden and internationally?


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