25 feb

Alla orter, Uppsala, Alnarp och Umeå

Societal perspectives on sustainable agri systems. Implications for agro forestry

We are pleased to welcome our guest researcher at SLU (2020-2023) professor Lynn Frewer (from Newcastle University, the UK).

Lynn Frewer, SLU guest Professor & Newcastle University

February 25th, at 10-12

Uppsala: Wången (due to a limited number of seats, please inform Cecilia Mark-Herbert at the latest lunch Monday 24th)
Umeå: Holly-Wood
Alnarp: Lilla Sessionssalen, Slottet
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Professor Frewer will share some of her experiences and visions with us – all related to transitions in food and fiber systems. In a world where the forestry is seen as solutions to many of the sustainability challenges, the different values that forest resources represent needs to be discussed (energy, fiber, eco-system services, food production, tourism). Agroforestry is vastly developed in many parts of the world. It may pertain to production fruits, nuts, oil and animal husbandry. Given the Swedish "right/ freedom to roam" and traditions that are intimately connected to forests, agroforestry may represent both challenges and opportunities.

The field of agroforestry serves as meeting grounds for researchers from different universities and faculties. SLU has research excellence status in various fields where researchers would benefit from meeting each other, to develop additional areas of excellence. Professor Frewer has a very well established research capacity and work in transdisciplinary research projects.

Lynn Frewer, Anders Roos, Camilla Widmark, Erik Hunter, Per Hansson & Cilla Mark-Herbert


Tid: 2020-02-25 10:00 -
Ort: Uppsala, Alnarp och Umeå
Lokal: Alla orter
Arrangör: Institutionerna för skogsekonomi samt arbetsvetenskap, ekonomi och miljöpsykologi