Viktor Thunell

Viktor Thunell
I am a PhD student at the Department of Aquatic Resources in Öregrund since September 2017. My research focus is effects of warming and fishing on fish-community dynamics and its importance in shaping future fish populations.


The size of a fish determines much of its ecological role within the community, mainly through size-dependent life history events such as maturation and changes in dietary preferences. Therefore, factors acting on physiology and ecology that can drive change in the size of an individual and the size distribution of a population are important to study since they indirectly govern community dynamics.

I study how fishing and temperature changes growth of individuals and population structure and how this can affect species interactions and the evolution of life history traits in fish communities. I will primarily use dynamic population model frameworks to study ecological and evolutionary responses to temperature and fishing in a community context to understand the trajectory of fish populations.

My PhD studies are funded by the Swedish research council Vetenskapsrådet and by the Department of Aquatic Resources at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.


Anna Gårdmark, Department of aquatic resources, SLU

Magnus Huss, Department of aquatic resources, SLU

Yngvild Vindenes, Centre for ecological and evolutionary synthesis, University of Oslo


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Doktorand tjl vid Institutionen för akvatiska resurser; Kustlaboratoriet, gemensamt
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