Isa Wallin

Isa Wallin Kihlberg


My name is Isa Wallin and I started my PhD on ecological effects and local adaptations of invasive species at the Institute of Coastal Research in Öregrund in March 2017. Originally from Uppsala, I moved to Gotland in 2009 to study marine and brackish water ecology, and most of my previous work has focused on different aspects of flatfish ecology (particularly reproductive features and early lifestages).


In my PhD project I will investigate the invasive round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) and how it is affected by and affects the Baltic Sea coastal ecosystem. I will explore life history characteristics in areas where the round goby is well established compared to areas of recent invasion, round goby diet plasticity, the degree of utilization by native predators and other types of ecological effects on the native fish fauna.


2013-2017 Working in various research projects and work as course assistant (including independently teaching a course in sustainable development each semester) at Uppsala University Campus Gotland.

2012-2016 Master in Biology (2 years) focusing on marine and brackish water ecology, Uppsala University Campus Gotland.

2009-2012 Bachelor in Biology, Gotland University College (now Uppsala University Campus Gotland).


Ann-Britt Florin (Department of Aquatic Resources, Öregrund)

Johanna Mattila (Department of Aquatic Resources, Öregrund)

Karl Lundström (Department of Aquatic Resources, Lysekil)


Miljöanalytiker vid Institutionen för akvatiska resurser; Miljöövervakning Nord
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