Postgraduate course: Statistical analysis of laboratory and clinical studies, 1.5 ECTS

Welcome to the postgraduate course Statistical Analysis of Laboratory and Clinical Studies, arranged by CAReNet in collaboration with SLU's graduate school for veterinary medicine and animal sciences (GS-VMAS). The course is held at SLU in Uppsala, May 20-24.

The overall objective of the course is to train students to plan and perform suitable statistical analysis of own data, and to have a general understanding of the basic principles for statistical analysis of data from clinical studies and thereby be able to evaluate results presented also in other studies.

After completing the course the student should be able to:

  • Build a statistical model to answer the aim of the student's study
  • Plan and perform statistical analysis of own data, e.g.: Parametric and non-parametric estimation, non-parametric and parametric ANOVA models, correlation and regression analysis, and sample size calculation
  • Use JMP software
  • Evaluate, criticize and present statistical results

This is a practical course in statistical analysis of own data or databases available from previous performed studies. JMP/SAS will be the basic software for statistical analysis.

The course covers one week of studies (1.5 ECTS), including lectures, discussions, assignments and student presentations. The students are scheduled full days Monday-Friday and attendance is compulsory. An attendance record of at least 80% is required to pass this course. No video link is provided since discussions and other team efforts are important parts of the curriculum.


Admitted to a postgraduate program in animal science, biology, veterinary medicine, food science, nutrition, nursing, bioinformatics or similar subjects, or to a residency program (or other specialization programme). The basic models lectured in an introduction course in medical statistics are assumed knowledge.


JMP/ SAS user manual

Altman DG. Practical Statistics for Medical Research. London, UK: Chapman and Hall; 1990


Active contribution during exercises and discussions. Plan and perform statistical model and analysis of own data to answer the aim of the student's study.

Additional information

Course leader is Professor Stig Larsen, stig.larsen@nmbu.no, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and the course will take place in SLU's Centre for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science on campus Ultuna in Uppsala.

For more information on practicalities, please contact Malin Hagberg Gustavsson, malin.gustavsson@slu.se.

Last day for registration is April 23, 2019.

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Tid: 2019-05-20 - 2019-05-24
Ort: Uppsala