Hedvig Nenzén

Hedvig Nenzén


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H Nenzén, D Price, D Cyr, Y Boulanger, A Taylor, E Campbell. 2020. Projected climate change effects on Alberta’s boreal forests imply future challenges for oil sands reclamation. Restoration Ecology, 28: 39-50

Nenzén, HK, V Martel, D Gravel. Can hyperparasitoids cause large‐scale outbreaks of insect herbivores? 2018. Oikos, 127: 1344–1354

Nenzén, HK, P Peres-Neto, D Gravel. 2017. More than Moran: Coupling statistical and simulation models to understand how dispersal and climate variation drive insect outbreak dynamics. Special issue of Canadian Journal of Forest Research,48: 255-264

Nenzén, HK, MB Araújo. 2011. Choice of threshold alters projections of species range shifts under climate change. Ecological Modelling, 222: 3346-3354.

Nenzén, HK, D Montoya, S Varela. 2014. The impact of 850,000 years of climate changes on the structure and dynamics of mammal food webs. PlosOne 9: e106651

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