Elin Manell

Elin Manell
Veterinary specialist in Laboratory Animal Medicine (Dipl.ECLAM) and researcher in the area of the 3Rs, Replacement, Reduction, Refinement.


I am a veterinary specialist in laboratory animal medicine and work as a researcher in the field of laboratory animal medicine. Since this field is closly linked to biomedical research I also have several collaborations in the biomedical field. Animal models are an important part of biomedical research. I am passionate about improving animal research to ensure that each animal is used in the best way to get reliable research data, the best methods are use to minimise effect on animals and that as few animals as possible are used. 


I teach laboratory animal medicine to veterinary student, and to other student that use research animals in their studies or work. 


My primary research focus is on the 3Rs, replacement, reduction, refinement of animal research. For some of my studies I work in close collaboration with researchers in the field of diabetes and organ transplantation research. 




Collaborated and published with researchers from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala University, Lund University, Stockholm University, University of Gothenburg, National Veterinary Institute (SVA), Copenhagen University, University of Tokyo, GlaxoSmithKline and Columbia University.


I am a veterinarian with specialist training in laboratory animal medicine, Dipl ECLAM and a PhD in Veterinary Medicine in the Subject Clinical Medicine. I work as a postoc rearcher at SLU, but I am currently on a research visit at Columbia University, New York, US. 


Co-supervisor for:

Vanessa Bettemburg, PhD student in rodent anaesthedia at SLU. 

Amina Kahlil, PhD student in medicinal chemistry at Uppsala University. 


Publikationer i urval

Manell E, Puuvuori E, Svensson A, Velikyan I, Hulsart-Billström G, Hedenqvist P, Holst JJ, Jensen Waern M, Eriksson O. Exploring the GLP-1 – GLP-1R axis in porcine pancreas and gastrointestinal tract in vivo by ex vivo autoradiography. Accepted for publication in BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care. 

Askar R, Fredriksson E, Manell E, Hedeland M, Bondesson U, Bate S, Olsén L, Hedenqvist P. Bioavailability of subcutaneous and intramuscular administrated buprenorphine in New Zealand White rabbits. BMC Vet Res. 2020:11;16(1):436. 

Hedenqvist P, Trbakovic A, Mellgren T, Öhman Mägi C, Hammarström Johansson P, Manell E, Ekman S, Ley C, Jensen-Waern M, Thor A. The effect of housing environment on bone healing in a critical radius defect in New Zealand White rabbits. PLoS ONE. 2020; 15(5): e0233530. 

Manell, E. Systematic training for calm pigs in transplantation research (Systematisk träning för trygga grisar i transplantationsstudier). Published in the Swedish newsletter ”Research news - Animal Health and welfare” (Forskningsnytt – Djurhälsa och djurvälfärd) March 2020 by SLU Future animals, nature and health (SLU Framtidens djur, natur och hälsa) and at 31-03-2020

Rydén A*, Manell E*, Biglarnia A, Hedenqvist P, Strandberg G, Lay C, Hansson K, Nyman G, Jensen-Waern M. Nursing and training of pigs used in renal transplantation studies. Lab anim. 2020;54(5):468-478. *Contributed equally.

Manell E, Jensen-Waern M, Hedenqvist P. Anaesthesia and changes in parameters that reflect glucose metabolism in pigs – a pilot study. Lab Anim 2017; 51: 509-517.

Manell, E. ”Glucose tolerance test in pigs – important in diabetes research” (Glukosbelastningstest för gris – viktigt i diabetesforskningen). Published in the Swedish newsletter ”Research news” (Forskningsnyheter) no 2 2016 by ”Future animal health and animal welfare” (Framtidens djurhälsa och djurvälfärd) and at 05-07-2016.

Manell E, Hedenqvist P, Svensson A, Jensen-Waern M. Establishment of a Refined Oral Glucose Tolerance Test in Pigs, and Assessment of Insulin, Glucagon and Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Responses. PLoS ONE. 2016; 11(2): e0148896.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0148896

Manell E, Rydén A, Hedenqvist P, Jacobson M, Jensen-Waern M. Insulin treatment of streptozotocin-induced diabetes re-establish the patterns in carbohydrate, fat and amino acid metabolism in growing pigs. Lab Anim 2014; 48: 261-269.


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