Carolyn Faithfull

Carolyn Faithfull


I am an aquatic ecologist whose specialty is in studying food web interactions in pelagic ecosystems. Much of my research has focussed on how multiple stressors affect energy transfer in food webs. I have also worked with surveying Gävleborgs marine environment in order to prioritise areas for building of marine protected areas. 

I am a researcher at SLU Aqua, Institute of coastal research, where I am a member of the Ecosystem Analysis unit. I will be working with concepts related to ecosystem based management and its application. 


2020 - Researcher, Institute of Coastal research, SLU

2017-2020 - Marine Biologist, Länsstyrelsen Gävleborg

2014-2018 - International Postdoctor, Oceanography Institution, University of Hawai’i and Umeå University.

2012-2014 - Researcher/Postdoctor, Umeå University

2011 - PhD, Umeå University

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Forskare vid Institutionen för akvatiska resurser; Ekosystemanalys
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