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Ultuna Campus, Uppsala

Interpreting, learning and being with natureculture

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The Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation (SCNI) would like to invite you to a lunch-to-lunch symposium to share knowledge and experiences, to explore future paths, and to learn together!

SCNI is a meeting place for people with curiosity for knowledge and passion for contributing to increased understanding of the relationship between people, nature and our cultural landscapes.

This symposium stems from the Nature Interpretation Lab, a result from our collaboration with the research program Mistra Environmental Communication.

Nature interpreters have always worked in diverse contexts, and often act as brokers between these contexts. We see great needs and potentials for integrating research to a higher degree with the practice of nature interpretation as it will lead to important collaborations guided by shared visions, and dealing with common challenges.

With inspiring presentations and interactive thematic workshops, the symposium will be the perfect occasion for researchers and practitioners to learn together through practical cases.

See the programme and register on this website.

Last date for registering: March 15th 2024. 



Tid: 2024-04-22 - 2024-04-23
Ort: Ultuna Campus, Uppsala
Arrangör: SLU Centrum för naturvägledning
Sista anmälningsdag: 15 mars 2024


SLU Centrum för naturvägledning (CNV)
Institutionen för stad och land, SLU