31 jan


Supervision Lunch Seminar - How to balance supervisor intervention with PhD student independence (in English)

Gitte Wichmann-Hansen

Seminariet hålls på engelska. Take the chance to meet one of the Nordic countries' most prominent researcher in doctoral supervision.

This lunch is about the ‘delicate balance’ between supervisor control and student independence. On one hand, supervisors are expected to provide enough guidance for PhD students to produce high-quality research within the expected timeframe. On the other hand, supervisors should facilitate students’ development as independent researchers by allowing them to experience their own learning journey – including making mistakes.

In this lunch talk, supervisors will get research-based concrete advice on how to strike a balance between these two seemingly conflicting interests.

Gitte Wichmann-Hansen, Senior Researcher in Doctoral Supervision, Department of Education Studies at Aarhus University.

Seminariet genomförs via Zoom, på engelska och ingen avgift
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