7 jun
8 jun

Jamk Bioeconomy Campus, Saarijärvi, Central Finland

AgriVenture Finland 2023

evenemang | seminarier, workshops |

Keynote Speaker: BTs Oleksiy Guzhva

The challenges faced by agriculture and the entire food chain industry in the light of growing global population, diminishing resources and climate change call for a paradigm shift in the way we ensure food security in regard to all its economic, environmental and societal aspects. To tackle and solve environmental, social and governance challenges, innovation processes and business collaboration need to be re-thought and strengthened.  

Join us in the endeavour to speed the uptake of sustainable technologies in agri-food systems. Let's solve the challenge together! 

The aim of AgriVenture Finland 2023 is to

  • combine innovative startups related to sustainable food and smart farming with financing
  • to activate and empower new players, e.g. IT and digital companies to play an important and innovative role in sustainable agri- & food tech development 
  • to raise awareness, provide networking opportunities, generate cooperation and growth opportunities for businesses
  • accelerate the uptake of sustainable technologies in agri-food systems

Key themes

  • Data driven agriculture
  • Less emissions & more productivity
  • Verification and traceability in sustainability and food chain
  • Supply chain challenges
  • Nutrient recycling
  • Data management
  • Digital resilience in food chain 
  • Cyber security in food chain
  • Gamification in agri- & food-tech industries


Tid: 2023-06-07 - 2023-06-08
Ort: Jamk Bioeconomy Campus, Saarijärvi, Central Finland
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