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Workshop Data management plan

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Dear all, as you know you have to make a data mgt plan for your different projects. Info from our Data Management Support says “All who are awarded a grant from e.g  Formas must have a data management plan if the research generates research data. The newly minted policy on the management of and open access to research and environmental monitoring and assessment data at SLU also states that all projects must create a data management plan. The plan shall describe how data collected and/or created will be managed during the course of the research, and how they will be dealt with afterwards. The plan should be updated at regular intervals during the project, and must be deposited in the institutional archive, but you do not have to send it to Formas unless they specifically request it.”
In order to help you get going with your plan, either a new or update an already written plan, we have invited DMS for a workshop and really hands-on for 2 hours. So take the chance to have your plan/s done!


Tid: 2023-01-23 13:00
Ort: Uppsala och Zoom


Ewa Wredle, prefekt
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