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Disp Brooke Micke

Diversifying the utility and species composition of Nordic forage systems New fractionation methods and novel native legume species charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Brooke Micke försvarar sin

Matlab Workshop at ET - a success!

En workshop om MATLAB genomfördes framgångsrikt den 5 september som en av de aktiviteter som forskarskolan Sustainable systems for food, energy and biomaterials (SSFEB), på Institutionen för energi

Disp Ludwig Ermann Lundberg

An exploratory journey into probiotic interactions - Bioactive properties of Limosilactobacillus reuteri and Bifidobacterium longum charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Ludwig Ermann Lundberg försvarar sin

Disp Olive Tuyishime

Drainage intensity in paddy rice fields Nitrogen flows, salinity, rice yield and greenhouse gas emissions charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Olive Tuyishime försvarar sin avhandling "Drainage intensity in

Lic Daniel Malnes

Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Swedish Freshwater Environments: Sources, Occurrence, and Impacts charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Daniel Malnes försvarar sin licentiat avhandling "Contaminants of

Disp Hung Van Do

Fruit tree-based agroforestry on sloping uplands in northwest Vietnam Effects on soil conservation, tree-crop performance and weed management charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Hung Van Do försvarar sin

Disp Bahre Kiros

Essays on the Impact on Households of Natural Resource Scarcity and Climate Change charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Bahre Kiros försvarar sin avhandling "Essays on the Impact on Households of Natural

Disp Sanne Smith

Innovative treatment technologies for PFAS-contaminated water Utilizing foam partitioning and exploring electrochemical oxidation charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Sanne Smith försvarar sin avhandling "

Lic Nisha Tyagi

Live Biotherapeutics Importance of formulation and lyophilization parameters and an example of a clinical application charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Nisha Tyagi försvarar sin avhandling "Live

Disp Yan Xue

Studies of Hyaluronan and Related Structures by NMR Spectroscopy charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Yan Xue försvarar sin avhandling "Studies of Hyaluronan and Related Structures by NMR Spectroscopy" den 15

Disp Winnie Nassazzi

Phytoremediation of soil and groundwater contaminated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Winnie Nassazzi försvarar sin avhandling "Phytoremediation of soil

Disp Martin Skoglund

Climate and Agriculture in the Little Ice Age The case of Sweden in a wider European perspective charlotta.eriksson@slu.se Martin Skoglund försvarar sin avhandling "Climate and Agriculture in the