Neva Leposa

A postdoc conducting a research on the relationship between planning and outdoor recreation. My research interest spands across the following topics: human-nature relations, knowledge production, environmental governance and planning, outdoor recreation.

Publikationer i urval

Neva, L. (2020). Problematic blue growth: a thematic synthesis of social sustainability problems related to growth in the marine and coastal tourism. Sustainability Science, 15(4), 1233-1244.

Lepoša, N. (2018). A matter of human-sea relations: Insights from leisure boating in Bohuslän, Sweden. PhD disertation. Abstract available online:

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Leposa, N. (2018). When Sea becomes home. Annals of Tourism research, 72, 11-21.

Leposa, N. (2017). The emergence of ambivalent leisure consumers–The case of boating along the Swedish West Coast. Journal of Cleaner Production, 145, 35-44.