Helena Nordh

Helena Nordh
I am a professor in Landscape Architectur, leading the Design Theory Group at the department. My areas of expertise cover landscape architecture design theory from a broad perspective and includes research on design/planning/management of urban green spaces, people environment interactions, restorative environments, recreation, human health and well-being. In numerous projects, I have explored how the green urban landscape, often designed by landscape architects, is experienced and used by different target groups such as children, people in need of mental restoration and minorities. I am particularly interested in people’s everyday outdoor environments. This can be environments where people live, environments they are involuntarily exposed to, or places people choose to visit for various reasons such as aesthetics, physical activity and recreation. My research inform decision-making and landscape architecture practice, but it also about landscape architecture practice.


During the years as researcher, I have been partner in several interdisciplinary research projects, which has resulted in numerous scientific publications, of which some are presented below. 


Ongoing research projects:

Publikationer i urval

Aamodt, G., Nordh, H. and Nordbø, E.C.A.  2023. 'Relationships between socio-demographic / socio-economic characteristics and neighborhood green space in four Nordic municipalities – results from NORDGREEN.' Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 82: 127894.

Nordh, H. Wingren, C. (2023) ‘It is the greenness, the nature, it looks as if someone has taken care of the place very well’: Experiences from St Eskil cemetery in Sweden, Approaching Religion. 13(1)

Nordh, H., C. Wingren, T.P. Uteng, and M. Knapskog. (2023). 'Disrespectful or socially acceptable? – A nordic case study of cemeteries as recreational landscapes.' Landscape and Urban Planning, 231.  

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Professor vid Institutionen för stad och land; Landskapsarkitektur Designteori
Telefon: +4618671943, +46732429409