Anders Roos

Anders Roos
Professor i företagsekonomi med inriktning mot den skogsindustriella förädlingskedjan


Strategianalys om skogssektorn

Marknadsföring av skogsprodukter


Supply chain management

Skogssektorn i den biobaserade ekonomin

Innovation i skogssektorn

Skogsförvaltning och hållbar utveckling


Sustainable Business Models for Tree based Value Chains in Sub Saharan Africa:

Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on sustainable livelihoods, forests, and conservation in Africa.

Fair business development for Non-Timber Forest Products based on local knowledge.
Tamarindus in Kenya.

Building up wood construction markets with consumer knowledge, industrial and municipal strategies (KnockOnWood)

“African Youth for Forests” – Engaging young people for sustainable forests and livelihoods. A pilot study in Kenya.

Publikationer i urval

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