Application: NABU is looking for a Biodiversity Data Scientist

Publicerad: 12 mars 2020

In the context of the BMBF project “DINA - Diversity of Insects in Nature protected Areas” NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) is seeking immediately a full-time Biodiversity Data Scientist who does the data mining and data profiling, modelling, analyses with support of correlative statistical methods and visualisation.

The project “DINA - Diversity of Insects in Nature protected Areas” aims at 

· analysing insect biodiversity in selected German nature reserves (NSG), in correlation with important environmental variables
· identifying possible causes of its decline
· exploring potentials of stakeholder participation for integrated, cross-sectoral decision-making
· providing evidence-based policy recommendations for more effective biodiversity preservation. We will investigate our raised questions by data mining and data profiling, modelling, analyses with support of correlative statistical methods and visualization

The tasks of the Biodiversity Data Scientist:
· develop/implement tools for managing data according to the scope of the project
· contribute to the conceptual development of a data visualisation and analysis tool
· communicate with the other consortium partners
· support the data management

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M.Sc./Diploma/PhD degree in Bioinformatics or an informatics-related subject.
· Knowledge in analysing large and diverse data sets
· Substantial experience with databases (e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL)
· Use of statistic programs (preferentially “R”) and more specific programmes for structural equation models
· Visualisation tools (e.g. “ggplot2” in combination with “R”)
· Machine learning (with Python or SparkML/Apache Spark)

Place of work
Berlin, Germany.

We welcome your application no later than 2020-03-23