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Nordisk samverkan för lärande och utbildning av naturvägledare - Finland

This webinar i part of a series that bring together professionals in the fields of environmental education and nature interpretation in the Nordic countries to increase understanding, ideas and professional competence. It gives an overview over current structures and ways how education for environmental awareness and nature relationships is supported and enhanced.


Welcome to the last webinar of the series. In this webinar we will present how environmental education and nature interpretation is implemented in Finland on different educational levels. We will make connections between environmental education, biodiversity education, climate education and nature interpretation, and open up how this all relates to sustainable development.

The webinar will consist of presentations, commentaries and examples from all levels: systematic, program and professional competence building levels. Finally, we will provide a brief summary of the series. The webinar is hosted by SYKLI Environmental College, The Finnish Association of Nature and Environment Schools and Metsähallitus / Parks and Wildlife Finland.

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Read more about the project: Nature interpretation networking and training program


Tid: 2024-04-10 13:00
Ort: Online


SLU Centrum för naturvägledning (CNV)
Institutionen för stad och land, SLU