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Lombardiet i Italien

Interpret Europes trainer-kurs CIT

Interpret Europes logotyp

Detta är kursen för dig som vill kunna hålla i Interpret Europes kurser, t ex CIG-, CIP- och CIW-kurserna. Nedan information från de som håller i denna kurs.

This year’s course for Certified Interpretive Trainers will take place in Italy, on 20-22/11/2023, followed by two days of upgrades for different courses (23-24/11/2023) and one day of upgrades for modules (23/11/2023). Please note that the final offer of different upgrades (CIG, CIW, MIH, etc.) will depend on the number of participants who register for them.

The CIT course will be run by Thorsten Ludwig and Valya Stergioti and will be organized by Vanessa Vaio, IE’s Country Coordinator of Italy.

Can I become an IE certified interpretive trainer (CIT)?

According to our training policy, participants must be certified in an IE course by the beginning of the CIT course and have previous experience on adult training, as well as on the field of the training course / module they wish to deliver (guiding, writing, planning, etc.)

But there is more in this role than just the typical characteristics. Being an IE trainer means joining a network of 20+ dedicated people who run IE courses and modules in their native language, act as IE ambassadors in their own countries and beyond, and actively participate in the development of our training programme. It is a role of responsibility as well as opportunities, continuous personal growth, and group bonding. The end of this course is just the beginning of a new, exciting, as well as challenging road.

Registration link and financial details

The number of participants for the course is limited, so if you are interested in it make sure to fill in the registration form you will find in this link by 30th June 2023. Please be aware that though a first comes, first served rule applies, applicants will also be asked to:

  • deliver a motivational letter explaining why they wish to become IE trainers,
  • provide references from their IE trainer,
  • offer proof of their previous experience
  • share part of their certification homework, translated in English.

A first selection of participants will be announced by 15th July and attendants will be asked to read IE’s training policy and confirm their interest before the final list is concluded.

Ungefärlig avgift för svenskar:

  • kursavgift 600 euro
  • CIG/CIW-uppgradering 400 euro
  • MIH-uppgradering 200 euro

An extra fee covering accommodation, shuttle and catering expenses will be added to this course fee.


Tid: 2023-11-20 - 2023-11-22
Ort: Lombardiet i Italien
Arrangör: Interpret Europe
Sista anmälningsdag: 30 juni 2023
Mer information:

For any questions, please feel free to contact me at the following email address:

Valya Stergioti: valya.stergioti@interpret-europe.net

Few words about Baita Viola, our venue

Situated at an altitude of 1850 metres, along the route from Bormio to Livigno, Baita Viola is located in Arnoga (Sondrio, Lombardy, Italy) at the entrance to Val Viola, one of the most beautiful valleys in Alta Valtellina.

Surrounded by the majestic rock giants rounded by the glaciers of the Piazzi-Campo group, Val Viola is brought to life by the waters of the Viola torrent, whose course meanders through the alpine pastures and meadows, and then more incisively marks the valley near Arnoga, where the centuries-old larch forests almost touch the sky.

Baita Viola is a structure dedicated to environmental education, a place where workshops and meetings centred on the relationship between man and nature can be attended, and where training sessions for children and adults can be organised.

Baita Viola has 14 rooms (single, double, triple and quadruple), equipped with a bathroom with shower and distributed over two floors; those on the first floor enjoy a splendid view from the terrace towards Cima Piazzi.