Seminarium: Doctoral Student Mental Health and Well-Being: Tools and suggestions for supervisors

Photo: Gina Wisker

Välkomna till seminarium för forskarhandledare. Träffa andra handledare och ta del av inspirerande presentationer och diskussioner.

Doctoral students experiencing decreased well-being or mental health issues are becoming more prevalent at universities all over the world, which affect the student and studies, but also puts pressure on the supervisors. Here you will get practical tools and hear first-hand experiences to help supervising students with mental health issues.

Dr. Gina Wisker Assistant Professor/Senior Lecturer in the International Centre for Higher Education Management, University
of Bath, Emeritus Professor of the University of
Brighton and a supervisor since several years, who has worked with development of doctoral supervisors for almost two decades.

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Tid: 2021-12-14 09:00 - 11:00
Ort: Zoom
Arrangör: EPU
Sista anmälningsdag: 1 december 2021