Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg

Interpretation Canada Conference

Unpacking Dialogue: Through interpretation, we engage our audiences, encourage conversation, and facilitate experiences. Ideally, this happens through participation and dialogue — but these terms can sometimes seem more like buzzwords than concrete concepts.

The 2019 Interpretation Canada National Conference will explore incorporating dialogue into our practice. We will unpack what it means to use dialogic interpretation, explore various tools and techniques, and uncover what it means to create a safe space for open discussions. Our host site, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, is committed to exploring the subject of human rights through promoting respect for others and encouraging reflection and dialogue.

Dialogue is a powerful way to engage people in difficult stories and inspire reflection which can lead to action. Dialogue can build bridges, mend divides, connect societies, and involve communities. Together, let’s learn how to really listen to our visitors and each other.

Tid: 2019-09-09 - 2019-09-13
Ort: Winnipeg
Lokal: Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Arrangör: Interpretation Canada
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