Peter Ljungberg

Peter Ljungberg


I have PhD in Limnology and Marine ecology from Lund University, where I defended my thesis in 2013. My work focused on habitat choice and food resource utilization in juvenile cod. Since 2013 I have worked in the field of fishing gear development mainly in small-scale, coastal fisheries, as a response to changing environments. With a degree in computer engineering, my work often includes a technical solution also when answering ecological questions.

Publikationer i urval

Ljungberg P. Lunneryd S-G, Lövgren J, Königson S. 2016. Including cod (Gadus morhua) behavioural analysis to evaluate entrance type dependent pot catch in the Baltic sea. The Journal of Ocean technology 11:4. Special Issue: “Sustainable Fishing: the Rise of Baited Traps”.

Ljungberg P. Habitat choice and foraging behaviour in temperate coastal environments. 2013. PhD thesis at Lund University.

Chapman BB, Hegg A, Ljungberg P. 2013. Sex and the syndrome: Individual and population consistency in behavioural syndromes in rock pool prawns. PLoS One 8:3.


Miljöanalysspecialist vid Institutionen för akvatiska resurser; Kustlaboratoriet, gemensamt
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