Jimmy Jönsson

Jimmy Jönsson
Forest management, history of ideas, history of sciences, naturalness


Ideas of naturalness (“natural processes”, “natural sceneries”, “natural values”, etc.) have been vital ingredients in natural resource debates in general and in forestry debates in particular—not seldom with misunderstandings, tensions, and conflicts as outcome. In an ongoing research project, we analyze debates about naturalness and forest management in historical contexts. Focus is set on scientists and other stakeholders engaged in knowledge production. By illuminating historical positions and stands on naturalness, the project will add new knowlede about historical foresty debates and hopefully contribute to reflexive dialogues between stakeholders promoting different agendas for the future forests.


I earned my Ph.D. in History of Ideas and Sciences at Lund University. The dissertation (Jönsson 2019a) analyzes the emergence of biologists and biological research within the forestry sector in the early 20th century. Focus is set on the sociology of co-production, i.e., in this case, the mutual influence of biology and silviculture.


PhD, History of Ideas and Sciences, Lund University, 2019.

MA, History of Ideas and Sciences, Lund University, 2013.

BA, History, Lund University, 2011.

Publikationer i urval

Jönsson, J. (2019b). Biologernas inträde i skogsvården [The biologists’ entrance into forest management]. Skogshistoriska sällskapets årsskrift: 86–95.

Jönsson., J. (2019a). Den biologiska vändningen: biologi och skogsvård, 1900–1940 [The biological turn: biology and silviculture, 1900–1940]. Lund: Lund University, Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences.

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