Erik Hysing

Erik Hysing
Professor in Political Science


My academic work has mainly focused on environmental governance with a broad theoretical and empirical interest in issues of policy change and implementation, public administration and the role of public officials, citizen participation and democratic legitimacy, and new forms of governance. 



I'm currently doing research in two projects:

Reconciling safe and circular material flows. A case study of PFAS in the lifecycle of food packaging. In this project, I  study chemical governance related to policy measures to limit PFAS in food packages.

What make planners trust the citizens? Participation and trust building for a sustainable transport system for everyone. In this Formas-funded research project we focuses on the role of urban planners’ trust in citizens and its importance for democratic innovations, sustainable transport, and environmental governance. 


Publikationer i urval

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Professor vid Institutionen för stad och land; Avdelningen för statsvetenskap och naturresursförvaltning