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SustAinimal Perspectives - Gigacow Analytics: Cultivating Success with Data-Driven Insights for Modern Farming

This presentation delves into the intersection of dairy farming and machine learning, with a focus on Automated Milking Systems (AMS). AMS represents a substantial advancement in dairy technology, harnessing robotics and smart gate technologies to streamline milking processes. However, effectively managing cow traffic and behavior remains a critical challenge.

- We explore how machine learning can support dairy farm management by analyzing cow behavior and predicting problematic cows within AMS. The experiments are grounded in a real dataset collected from the SLU infrastructure for dairy cattle data collection, Gigacow, enhancing the practical relevance of our findings. 

- We further discuss hypotheses regarding cow behavior based on lactation stage, breed, and milking events. This discussion highlights the potential of machine learning to optimize milking schedules, reduce waiting times, and enhance overall farm productivity.


09.30-09.35 Welcome - Anna Rydberg, RISE

09.35-10.05 Presentation, Salman Toor, Uppsala University

10.05-10.35 Presentation, Tomas Klingström, SLU

10.35-11.00 Discussion, moderated by Anna Rydberg, RISE /Lars Rönnegård, SLU/Högskolan Dalarna

This webinar will be in English. The presentations (but not the discussion) will be recorded, and presented on SLU Play afterwards. The seminar is open for everyone interested, so feel free to pass the invitation on. 

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SustAinimal Perspectives – Dialogues paving the way for a sustainable and competitive food production



Tid: 2024-05-21 09:30 - 11:00
Ort: Online