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Last changed: 21 August 2023

Here you can find guides on how to use Canvas

There is also basic information under New to Canvas.


Course templates

Canvas templates

By aligning the appearance of the course rooms, students can more easily recognize themselves in the learning environment and between different courses. Learn more about 
Canvas templates

Course Content


Canvas provides an integrated system for class discussions, allowing both instructors and students to start and contribute to as many discussion topics as desired.


Pages store content and educational resources that are part of a course or group. Pages can include text, video, and links to files and other course or group content.


Files can house course files, assignments, readings, or other documents, as well as profile pictures and user-specific files.

Course Members


A course is not complete without participants, so here we have a guide about the People’s menu.


In Canvas you can organize you students in groups, so that students can share files, collaborate on an assignment and have groups discussions.



You can create many types of quizes in Canvas.


Assignments are used when you want to assess students' understandings of new information or skills that might have developed through class activities. Assignments can be assign to groups or an individual student.



SpeedGrader is an exciting and efficient way to grade your assignments, quizzes and graded discussions. It allows you to view and grade student submissions online using a simple point scale or a complex rubric.

Detect possible plagiarism with Ouriginal

With the integrated system "Ouriginal", all types of assignments can be checked against a large number of sources to detect possible plagiarism.
Detect possible plagiarism with Ouriginal


Create a video quiz

With the Kaltura editor you can create video quizes.
Create a video quiz

Embed a Kaltura Media in Camvas

How to Embed a Kaltura Media in the Context of a Canvas Course.
Embed a Kaltura Media in Canvas


Accessibility checker

The Rich Content Editor includes an accessibility tool that checks common accessibility errors within the editor.
Accessibility in Canvas - Accessibility checker

Tables and lists

Just as text must be formatted correctly, so must tables and lists be formatted so that screen readers can read them correctly.
Accessibility in Canvas - Tables and lists


When you add an image to Canvas, it must have alternate text for visually impaired users who use screen readers.
Accessibility in Canvas - Pictures


Documents that you upload to Canvas must also meet the availability requirements.
Accessibility in Canvas - Documents


Make use of the formats and formatting available in the Canvas content editor. This is so that people with visual impairment and blindness, who use screen readers, will be able to understand the relationship of different texts to each other.
Accessibility in Canvas - Text

Early access and joint courses

Canvas Support

Servicedesk helps you with:

  • Support.
  • Sandbox (a test room where you can try the tools).
  • Create users missing in Canvas and not in Idis.

You reach Servicedesk via extension 6600 or


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