Students are concluded in Canvas courses when they receive a final grade in Ladok

Last changed: 08 January 2024

We are making a change in Canvas which means that students will be concluded from courses when they receive a final grade for the course in Ladok. When the course is concluded it will be removed from the student dashboard but the course will still be accessible by clicking on Courses (the icon below Dashboard), All courses and it will be listed under Past enrolments. Students can view the course in a reading mode and see submissions and assessments but cannot preform new tasks in the course room.

We are making this change to improve students experience in Canvas by focusing on active courses.

Students are informed about this together with this video:

For a teacher or a course administrator this means that students that receive a final grade for the course in Ladok will no longer be present in the student list under the People menu in Canvas. Nor will these students be visible under Grades or in Speedgrader.
To view concluded students in the course go to the People menu and click the button with three dots and choose View prior enrolments. There you will find a list of concluded students and by clicking their name and choosing Restore a student can be enrolled to the course again and be viewable in the usual way.



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