Accessibility in Canvas - Tables

Last changed: 15 May 2023

Just as text must be formatted correctly, so must tables and lists be formatted so that screen readers can read them correctly.


If a table is not formatted correctly, it may cause the screen reader to read information in the wrong order. In these cases, there is a risk that the user will misinterpret the information.

Make use of Canvas' table settings:

  1. Click on the table icon.
  2. Click on "Table" and select how many cells you want your table to have.
  3. Select the row you want to make a table heading or table footer.
  4. Click on the table icon.
  5. Click "Row" and then "Row Properties".
  6. Choose whether the line should be a heading ("Header"), body text ("Body") or a table footer ("Footer"). 

    Do this for all rows in the table.


Lists must be formatted correctly for screen readers to perceive them as lists and be able to read them out correctly.

When you want to use lists in Canvas, you should use one of the list types that are in the content editor. The image below shows Canvas list options.

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