Last changed: 13 November 2023

Files can house course files, assignments, readings, or other documents, as well as profile pictures and user-specific files.

Instructors can lock folders and files so they can only be viewed by direct links or only unlock on a specific date.

Files can be placed in Modules, Assignments, or Pages. Files and folders are put in alphabetical order and cannot be rearranged.

Files in Canvas are easy to handle, but first you need to decide where you want to store them. You can choose between 3 different locations.

  • Personal files, located in each user's profile (students, teachers, and TAs)
  • Course files, located in each course (students, teachers, and TAs unless files are locked by the teacher)
  • Group files, located in each group (students and teachers who are enrolled in groups)

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Canvas Support

Servicedesk helps you with:

  • Support.
  • Sandbox (a test room where you can try the tools).
  • Create users missing in Canvas and not in Idis.

You reach Servicedesk via extension 6600 or


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