Regulations and forms for doctoral education

Last changed: 01 October 2021

The doctoral education at SLU is regulated by the SLU guidelines for doctoral education which is decided by the vice-chancellor. On this webpage you will find rules and guidelines, documents and forms used in doctoral education.

For a specific doctoral student, the version of the guidelines applies that was valid at the point of admission for that student if the student does not choose to change to a newer version. Please observe that before 1 January 2013 faculty specific guidelines were valid for the doctoral students admitted at that time.

You will find forms and check-lists for doctoral education at SLU below the links to guidelines and regulations. 


Admission regulations, guidelines, subjects and degree outcomes


Forms and check-lists

The forms below can be digitally signed using EduSign

Those who are not employed at a university or university college, but have a Swedish personal identity number, can use EduID. 

Template for doctoral student registration of actual period of study

With the help of an  SLU-approved template for calculation of net study time, the doctoral student continually registers the type and extent of activities not included in the program but conducted in parallel with the doctoral program. Download a copy of the template and enter editing mode.

Recommended procedure for calculating the actual period of study

  1. Activities included in doctoral courses and programmes are stated in the ISP.
  2. The doctoral student enters, with the help of an SLU-approved template (only available in Swedish) (see appendix), the type and extent of activities performed that are not included in their studies but which are carried out in parallel with these.
  3. The doctoral education administrator at the department or equivalent provides the principal supervisor with instructions, Ladok excerpts and the Ladok report form in ample time before every six-month Ladok report.
  4. The principal supervisor and doctoral student review how much time has been spent on their courses and programmes during the past six months. This is done by reviewing the doctoral student's personal records and other relevant information regarding sick leave, etc. When they have reached a consensus, they both sign the Ladok report.
  5. The head of department reviews and approves the Ladok report for registration. If the principal supervisor and the doctoral student do not reach a consensus, the head of department decides on the actual period of study in their place.
  6. An authorised Ladok administrator registers the Ladok report.

Registering study activity and form of support in Ladok

This form is used in the follow-up of study activity and form of support for all doctoral students that is condcuted once per semester. The information is registered in Ladok and forwarded to Statistics Sweden (SCB).

Form for registering study activity and form of support for doctoral students. 

Doctoral student register excerpt from Ladok