Doctoral student guide: Chapter 5 - The doctoral student's rights and obligations

Last changed: 16 March 2023

The vast majority of doctoral students are employed as doctoral students by SLU, but there are also doctoral students who are employed by, for example, a company. There are also some doctoral students who are financed by scholarships from external scholarship providers. Regardless of the form of support, all SLU's doctoral students are admitted to doctoral education at SLU. But it is worth noting that some conditions will vary depending on the form of support a doctoral student has.

The conditions that apply to your studies vary depending on the type of funding you receive. Unlike other doctoral students, those employed by SLU (or other university or company) may have additional employee benefits such as access to occupational health services. 

The vast majority of doctoral students are employed, either by SLU or by an external employer. This means that the head of department's responsibility for employees' work environment also applies to doctoral students. In addition, the head of department has a responsibility to ensure that even the doctoral students who are not employed by SLU are offered conditions and opportunities that as far as possible are similar to those that apply to the university's employees.

More information about rights and obligations of the doctoral student

Knowing which rights and obligations apply to doctoral education provides the conditions for good cooperation between doctoral student and supervisor and a successful educational process.