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The film about SLU – made by us

We asked a question to everyone at SLU: How do you contribute to a better world?

They filmed their answers with their cell phones. This is a few glimpses of all the films we got, an insight in the work we do at SLU – carrying out challenging science to contribute to a sustainable, thriving and better world.

The Film about SLU nominated to The Publishing Prize 2018

The Film about SLU was nominated to The Swedish Publishing Prize 2018 in the category advocacy film.

Thematic films

There are currently six films. The main film is slightly longer, covering a mixture of subjects. In addition, there are five thematic films based on the material we have received: Environment & water, Animals, Food, Forests, and Students.

The film about SLU: Animals

Knowledge about how we feed and take care of our animals to keep them healthy is important as it contributes to a sustainable animal production. - Magdalena Åkerfeldt, researcher

The film about SLU: Food

There is a small part of the world I can improve ... Is it possible to do it better? Yes, it is possible to do it better. - Mårten Svensson, alumnus

The Film about SLU: Forest

I want to contribute to a more sustainable management of our natural resources, so that our descendants can have the same opportunities we have. - Carl Vigren, student

The film about SLU: Student

At SLU, we learn how to prevent diseases and injuries in our animals. - Annika Eleryd, student

The film about SLU: Water and environment

I strongly believe that when we heal the earth, we heal ourselves. - Francesco Gentili, researcher

About the selection

The selection was made to ensure diversity and a variety of stories. It has been fantastic to work with all the material uploaded, but also a hard selection process.

There is so much material uploaded, that we have a good foundation to make more films in the future. When the project is evaluated, we are able to make plans for any future films.

Published: 20 February 2024 - Page editor: bildenavslu@slu.se