Module 1

Last changed: 13 May 2024
roll up and standig desk, photo

Perfect for small events and presentations. The Expand PodiumBox doubles up as a transport box and will hold roll-up banner, spotlight and brochure holder – pack it all up and you are ready to go. The box will fit in the boot of an estate car.


  • QuickScreen3, 85 x 225 cm. Only takes 30 seconds to assemble.
  • LED spotlight for QS
  • Podiumbox complete with white top
  • BrochureHolder 50 cm

Equipped with wheels and handle for easy transport. Doubles up as a a transport box and will hold all the above products.

Expand PodiumBox
Height: 98 cm, 113 cm 
Width: 56 cm 
Depth: 37 cm

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Brand Management and Communication Platforms Unit 
Division of Communication