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Last changed: 13 May 2024

Exhibition material


Conditions for borrowing exhibition and display materials

SLU Service is responsible for storing and managing exhibition materials. They handle all requests to borrow material.

Exhibition materials are only available weekdays 8.30–15.30, and can be picked up 48 hours after your booking request has been confirmed at the earliest.

All materials are picked up at the address given below.

The borrowing period is 5 days maximum. Materials must be returned to the pick-up point, during opening hours or at another time agreed with the staff at the pick-up point.

All materials must be handled with care, and must not be left unattended during the borrowing period. If any damage to materials or packaging occurs, contact the pick-up point.

Material to borrow*

SLU Service Alnarp
Visiting address: Kungsgårdsvägen 8, Alnarp
Phone: 040-415008

Information about the person borrowing the material

Confirm your booking request

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