SLU’s identity colours

Last changed: 20 February 2024
SLU's logotype in red and green with a white background. These three colours are also shown in three circles, SLU's identitycolours.

Red, green and white are the identity colours of the SLU logo. These are the colours we wear to show our support when SLU, for example, competes against another university in sports.

The colours are primarily used in the SLU logo, but also in other SLU promotional products.

Using different shades of the identity colours is not allowed. Instead, use the colours from our colour palette


RED – Dark crimson

Pantone 209 C
CMYK: 20,97, 40,58
RGB: 111,38,61
HTML: #6F263D
NCS: S5040-R10B


GREEN – Deep turquoise

Pantone 336 C
CMYK: 95,11,70,44
RGB: 0,102,79
HTML: #00664F
NCS: S4550-B90G


Brand Management and Communication Platforms Unit 
Division of Communication