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Brand guidelines

Here you will find basic information about how to use the SLU brand in the most efficient way. Open up the Brand guidelines link in the header to find the web pages where the most important guidelines and templates are translated to English. 

Visual identity

The parts that form the graphic profile give opportunities for creative combinations and adaptations, while at the same time keeping together our visual identity and giving recognition. 

Practical application

When we speak, write, present and visualise SLU, the brand is always the starting point and is expressed in language, tone of voice, colour and form. Here are some examples of how this is used in practical application. 


There are a number of templates for documents in Indesign and Powerpoint. They have been produced to complement the unviersity's general printed matter, and can be used by all who master the programmes. 

Published: 07 September 2021 - Page editor: varumarke@slu.se