Stylistic queries? The SLU style guide may have the answer

Last changed: 13 July 2023

We can all get stuck when writing. The language police would like to remind you that on the language pages on the staff web, you will find links to glossaries, plain language tips and other language resources that may be of help.

There, you will also find the SLU style guide  – the language companion to our brand manual. Writing is often about making stylistic choices. To avoid unnecessary variation, we need to agree on what the SLU style is. Uppercase in headings? British or American spelling? Full stops in abbreviations?

It’s not necessarily about one option being right and the other one wrong, it’s about consistency. By applying the style guide, we can ensure consistent language even though there are multiple writers involved. This makes our texts more readable and contributes to a sense of ”one SLU”.

The style guide is intended for our websites, for printed material and for all kinds of in-house and/or administrative texts – action plans, job ads, procedures and course syllabuses, to mention just a few.

If your stylistic query is not answered by the style guide, please let us know. We want this to be a useful tool for everyone at SLU.

Published February 2018.