Support for students

Last changed: 25 April 2023

Here you will find information about various support and service functions that are designed for the students. It may be useful for teachers and other staff in education to be aware of these.

These help students into, through and onward from education. They deal with procedures and regulations, as well as measures to provide a good study environment and support when problems or difficulties arise.

General information for prospective students is provided on SLU's web pages on education. The best source of information for those who are already studying at SLU is the student web.

Below is a short overview of the student support available at SLU.

Application and admission

Admissions works with admissions to SLU's courses and programmes at Bachelor's and Master's level. Admissions take place in accordance with SLU's admission regulations.

Admission regulations  (in Swedish) for courses and study programmes which begun after 1 August 2015.

Admission regulations (in Swedish) for courses and study programmes beginning 1 January, 2020 and later.


Support for students provided by the library includes the guide on searching and writing, the opportunity to book a librarian and introductions, workshops and seminars.


The degree office handles all applications for a certificate at SLU, i.e. degrees at Bachelor's level (first cycle) and Master's level (second cycle), as well as degrees at doctoral level. The office also issues course certificates and duplicates/copies of degree certificates, as well as translations of older degree certificates.


Administrative officers who work with support for students with disabilities coordinate and manage special educational support for students with disabilities. The group is also a discussion partner for teachers, course leaders and examiners for the adaptation of teaching elements and examinations. Read more about support for students on the student web.

IT support

IT support is responsible for helping and supporting all students on most issues relating to computers, computer systems, printers, computer rooms, etc.

Language support

Students who need support when doing a writing assignment or preparing a presentation can book  a language support tutorial for help and feedback on their text, and students at all levels are welcome. The tutors give feedback on structure, language and the writing process. Please note that this is not a revision or proofreading service.

Mobility Team

Mobility Team administers the processes for incoming and outgoing exchange students, the MFS and Linnaeus-Palme scholarship programmes, and is responsible for the agreements with SLU's, cooperation universities both bilaterally and within Erasmus and Nordplus. Read more on the pages for incoming exchange students, about studying abroad and about international educational cooperation.

Rules and rights

We have put together some information on the student web concerning the rules and rights that students need to observe. The areas covered by these pages include equal treatment, student influence, regulations for education, cheating and plagiarism, insurance and the Student Welfare Council.

SLU alumni

Alumni activities are designed to strengthen bonds with the outside world, promote the SLU brand and support contract education by establishing connections with SLU's alumni. The alumni concept is introduced as soon as the students are admitted and accompanies them throughout the study process.

SLU Career

SLU Career is web-based career support for students and alumni that provides tips and tools to make the transition from study to working life easier. SLU Career also aims to improve cooperation between students and the world of work.

The Student Health Centre

At the Student Health Centre, students can get help with study-related problems, such as anxiety, worry about exams, fear of speaking in front of groups, difficulty sleeping and stress.

Student web

The student web is the students' own intranet. The student web is where students must be able to find the information or support they need during their studies.

If, as a member of staff, you would like to see what the student web might look like to a student who is logged in, click on Student web – information.

Study and career guidance

The study and career advisers provide the students with personal guidance on study and career issues and act as a professional discussion partner and sounding board before, during and after a student's studies.

University chaplaincy

The chaplaincy offers one-to-one discussion, bereavement groups and crisis support, among other things. All are welcome to take part in the chaplaincy's activities.