Division of Educational Affairs

Last changed: 03 December 2018

The Division of Educational Affairs is responsible for administration and support related to student and educational affairs. Below is an overview of our activities and common e-mail addresses, if you are looking for a certain person you will find contact information on the Staff page.



Educational Development



Educational Media

Educational Systems

International Affairs

Doctoral student counsellor


SLU Career

Study and career guidance

Head of units

Roger Pettersson, Head of Division
E-mail: roger.pettersson@slu.se
Telephone: 018-67 30 22

Maria Orvehed, Deputy Head of Division, Head of Unit for Student and Career Services
E-mail: Maria.Orvehed@slu.se
Telephone: 018-67 2433

Helen Alstergren, Head of Unit, Unit for Educational Support Systems and Media
E-mail: Helen.Alstergren@slu.se
Telephone: 018-67 3008

Helena LundvikHead of Unit, Student Administration Unit
E-mail: helena.lundvik@slu.se
Telephone: 018-67 2068

Charlotte Hising (on leave),Head of Unit, Student Administration Unit
E-mail: Charlotte.Hising@slu.se
Telephone: 018-67 2017

Cecilia Almlöv, Head of Unit, Educational Development Unit
E-mail: Cecilia.almlov@slu.se
Telephone: 018-67 10 92

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